At present, JDB1745 is not yet available for public use. Until sufficient funding is secured, technical development is being undertaken irregularly by a small team of contributors and it is therefore still very much in its alpha stages. We have an effective plan, however, and are bringing the database up to speed with a distinct set of usability-based priorities in mind. Dr Layne has transcribed and entered a sufficient amount of raw data to produce a doctoral thesis that tests the effectiveness of the database as a tool for historical analysis. This thesis, entitled 'Spines of the Thistle: The Popular Constituency of the Jacobite Rising in 1745-6', is freely available for download at the University of St Andrews digital repository. Details regarding the current development trajectory of the project can be followed in the Updates & Project Notes section of this website's Home page.

Below are some examples of simple visualisations that can be created using the pool of data compiled within JDB1745. These charts present tempting snapshots of the types of information researchers of the Jacobite era might be inclined to seek out. As the only restrictions on these parameters are the primary source data, themselves, we are excited to consider the possibilities as the project continues forward.

Jacobite Prisoners in Carlisle by Faith

British Army Deserters in Jacobite Service 1745-7

Jacobite Constituency in 1745-6 by Parish


The technical methodology for JDB1745 is detailed in the doctoral thesis for which it was created, which can be found in excerpt form here. It is based upon a distributed authority source-persona premise. Please feel free to get in touch with any further specific questions about the project.